Christina Pattison, a Swedish artist who came to England in 1963.
Christina gained a Diploma in Combined Fine Arts in 1982 and graduated with B.A. (Hons.) in 1986, at the Hertfordshire College of Art and Design. She has taught in Further Education as well as giving private classes and workshops for many years. In the workshops she uses a holistic approach, guiding groups and individuals in colour expression.
Christina has travelled a long road geographically, emotionally and spiritually in her life. Her journey through loss, pain and joy and celebration are deeply reflected in her extensive body of vibrant paintings which in her words are created to “bring colour and joy to peoples’ lives.”
Her paintings, sculptures and tapestries are totally unique and easily recognisable, expressing joy, colour and movement. The subject matter is derived from the ordinary and spiritual that she finds in her homes and their surroundings in Sweden, Britain and North Norfolk and previously France too. She now paints regularly in Norfolk where the sea with its beauty, drama and mystery fosters her spirituality and allows her to express the very normal in her individual way.
Christina has had many solo and group exhibitions in Britain, Sweden and France. Many of her paintings can be found in these countries and also in collections in Australia, Germany, Canada, Holland, The USA and Russia.
Christina says, “My way of painting is drawn from my roots in Sweden, a long beautiful country, which holds itself in majesty through its folklore, culture and history. The hardship of the past, a cold, poor country with long dark winters, gives birth to a celebration of light, an inner faith, and a spiritual totality which are expressed in my paintings.”
Christina Pattison Midsummer in Sweden